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Hey there!!

I know you must have been wondering how does tatted earring looks like for heaven's sake for a very long time, right from the start after you read my first post. And now all those quizzical wonders are about to be terminated by this post . Finally I'm ready to show it to you.

I'm just entirely happy here (and also a scintilla of nervousness) because alas I manage to show what I have been working for earnestly as promised 'ages' ago..haha
Well I know..I know..(feeling guilty) that I'm supposed to post this much earlier but for a certain course I couldn't make it because ..yea..things happen(people say this when they plead for an apology =P) FOR A REASON and hey wait a minute I don't need to give you any possible plausible reasons after all..??!!!!

Anyway, now here it is, my first FIVE tatted earrings which are all my original designs and which I tatted nicely myself.
Before you go dead from high blood pressure by witnessing there are no any price tags or any useful information on how to purchase my exclusive artworks, I don't wanna be your  murderer so let me tell you this.

This time I would LOVE you to just enjoy your own sweet time browsing around everything know..just like e.g. window shopping (as for the furthest simile) to realise the aesthetic value which is all present here..but don't get me wrong, its not as though I'm not selling, but just want you to simply take a look slowly.By the way for purchasing purposes, you can refer to the message at the end.

SO THIS IS IT! (I hope this quote has not been patented or copyrighted yet lol)

My first ORIGINAL design......



Heyyy..not BLOODY FIRST alright! I just don't really trust you ..Make sure you read it correctly...HAHA..
As the name denotes, this is probably my first design for tatted earrings after many trials of designing.
What is just so special about this design  is that it gives an impression of GLAMOUR by the concoction of colours, WEALTH by the presence of beads combined with this cotton thread of quality, POWER by the way it looks and also hidden BEAUTY by the overall perfections.
It comes in the romantic combination of Ultramarine Blue and Alice Blue which is just so like a compatible soulmate.
This tatted earring of this unique design is just perfect for special occasions such as feasts, banquets, prom nights, or a romantic candlelight dinner perhaps??



Have you watched Alice In Wonderland? I just cant help remembering the evil queen with her big heart shaped head who wants everything in the world to be in red!...but no I assure you this design was not inspired upon her even in the slightest.
Why Red Ruly? Isn't it has anything to do with..the just-now-already-mentioned Red Queen who rules like mad? Or is it because it is gonna give you some kind of power once you hook it at your pierced cartilaged ears?
Truly I don't know it myself(what am I talking about?) XD but frankly this design reflexes my state of mind when I tat this earring which I myself would say a weird design because its really weird...(made by a weirdo as well) to me..honestly..but I just love it. Why?? Because  based on the design, it will signify you as a FLEXIBLE person by its colour and shows that you will always be ready for any challenges which makes you powerful and rules at the end!
It comes in Lust Red which is obviously accentuating!
So for this design I opine you to wear it on ..during almost all kinds of event!
It is suitable for pretty much anything from hang-outs, casualties, just anything you wish! But not for formal events such as walk-in interviews and such..
The most one thing I like about this earring is that since it is tatted using acrylic thread, it is more thicker and firmer than those other earrings which is tatted using cotton thread. For this time Red Ruly is the only acrylic-based earring,  and yea of course it took me a lower cost buying the material, but to tat using acrylic thread was very a challeng to my patience.


For a funkier look...


If you want to 'bloom' like a sunshine, highly conscious to make people notice you, then you just go for this design. Inspired by beautiful flowers terrorising the Earth this earring is tatted with a multiply of work which is slightly different from other earrings in order to enhance and produce a lovely art piece of this kind.
Trendy and at the same time environmental-friendly(lol) looking is just suitable for outings, vacations, shopping spree and such.
What I like about this tatted earring design the most is that this kind of design you can transform it into a funkier look by just carefully making some twists to the earrings.
While this earring is extremely flexible, let me give you some highlights and tips:

To get the original design (as it is really transformable), just place it in a thick book so that the pressure will give its normal design back which is just flat. Then you’ll get a………………. pressed sunflower! Haha..just kidding~
For a funkier look, carefully just make some effort to shape the earring, into the way you desired.
As it looks, it comes in Orange(web) colour which is just so admirable!



What do you think dear readers when you first see this???
It looks just like a pair of beautiful peacocks isn’t it? Just that it only comes in purple colour..ahah!
As you can see it is full tatted-based beads are added which means bead-free, bird-free, pet-free..and the list continues..
With only tatted cotton thread it is very light you’ll feel as if you’re not putting anything at all!
This cuty beauty tatted earring is most suitable for ‘under the roof’ occasions..why?still not getting it? What I mean is formal/special occasions and such..given that not the ones with open air concept. You are going to find out why I’m saying so when you already wear, I’m just going to tell you clearly. Honestly it’s actually very light and you don’t one the wind to blow it and make you look like a flag unless you are okay with it.



You  wanna be a star? Well stupid question, really…who don’t ?ok..dont answer me.

These identical twins are so cute it is tatted nicely and ‘festooned’ with good quality Japan beads which are in glass-white colour.
As you can see these pair of earrings are tatted using two bright colours of cotton thread which are Hollywood Cerise Pink and Black which made up a perfect match.
From this self-designed and tatted earring I believe I have a pretty good sense of classy fashion so that’s why I’m assuring you that Staronty is suitable for almost all occasions! But of course except for a funeral session although I admit the gloomy black colour is there..ahah!
And you know what? For those who are in or gonna be in the universities and such Staronty is just perfect for your ‘schooling’ activity! Yea..for lectures and such.Just flick your hair (just like you always do when you want ‘his’ attention lol) whenever you wish and people will start labeling you as a fashionista ..complimenting you here and then as though you are some kind of gifted or what..=B
So basically this design is all suitable for casual time~

So how do you find it?
Feel free to ask if you have any inquiries.
Send your inquiries to my email address for those who are interested.


Thanks for visiting!

Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!! (my 'original-designed' short form for ‘till then’)


Luqman Safwan C.M Fauzi said...

maybe u can put some of those 'flowers' you've made on my'll look nicer..haha

glover said...

u mean flower brooch?
yea actually my tatted earrings are transformable..for instance you can simply take out the hook from the earring,and make it as a brooch..just assemble the pin to it.

Actually i'm planning to write about my earrings being 'transformable' check it out later!

P/S: you're not bad at 'these thingy' yourself.

Luqman Safwan C.M Fauzi said...

not bad you say?
haha..i can't even sew...

why don't u sell all of the stuffs that u've made in your blog..u may gain profit dow..

glover said...

Some people can sew but not all of 'em have the ability to see work of arts from various angles.. =B

Are you kidding me? I am selling all my tatted earrings here in my blog..haha..I guess you didnt read my intro thoroughly..but that's ok..but with you saying so I realise that maybe you're not the only one who have this I think I'm gonna make a few 'highlights' so that it is clear that i'm selling. Thanks

Luqman Safwan C.M Fauzi said...

u're selling?
mane harganya bos? (Broken English la ni ek...)
Emphasize the prices please...hehe

glover said...

Yup..I know that. And I clearly stated the reasons in my 3rd post.All the reasons are there. That is my way for the mean time.
For any shopping purposes, you may send me an email.

glover said...

p/s: by the way..I'm sure its broken Malay XP..not may be arrested from language abuse lol

Luqman Safwan C.M Fauzi said...

haha...i'm not going to buy those yet..
i dont' know what can i do with them anyway..
what if i hang them on my shirt? nah...not a good idea..

EthanJoushu said...

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