Wednesday, May 12, 2010


May i have a factory just like in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory? Oh please I'd kill to have them!

Or can I have at least a number of Oompa Loompas as my workers?

I dont think its going to be a problem for me to 'pay' them with some cocoas at the end of the month!

Oompa Loompa doing must be so cute! haha..but i dont want all my earrings
to be done with the same design despite all of them having the similar look.

What the FLUFFY am I talking about?

okay..let the Oompa Loompa alone for just a lil while..let's say..forever? haha
I just want to nag a bit here.Can you be my ralying cry just for a sec?

How can I be a SUPER-DUPER PROLIFIC TATTER if I cant resist my deep passion playing my tin whistle everyday?
Playing this lovely musical instrument of the Irish tradition just take my mind off the world's problem for a while everytime I 'blow' it. It's just blow my mind.
Just started playing it a few months back!

I love the very unique tune in My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion..which happens to be my favourite singer for years.
When I asked my mom years ago what kind of instrument was being played in the song..she said it was an Irish instrument.But she was'nt sure what it is.
Somehow..a couple of months ago when I was being a lot fanatic with the song itself and The Corrs.. watching their videos it ought to happen that one of them revealed my question that I'd been seeking for many years.

and it is the tin whistle. very lovely.

And I ended up making some research on the instrument..and straight away bought it without any hesitation.Despite my plan to go for a Violin class is like impossible for the moment, but its worthwhile to get the Tinwhistle..for a reasonable price, and me myself dont mind to teach myself..because my will drives me on!
And I'm satisfied for my improvement in playing this.even will be much more delighted when I can play 'Haste to The Wedding', 'Toss the Feathers' and of course..'My Heart Will Go On' sooner or later!

I love languages! To me, it's been a piece of invisible wire cord which connects people in the world.
Blame my passion for languages for not being a SUPER-DUPER PROLIFIC TATTER(yet) because I cant help myself from stop learning this German language, Deutsch..because it's giving me so much fun!

So enough for the nagging session.

Let me introduce you with my bosom friends right now..let's do some social climbing here.

Before that, I would like to tell you this.When I was tatting last night, this thing had been hurting me. If you have a microscope now you can see that there is a tiny mini spot of scar at my pointy finger..guess who did this to me? who might have been dare to do this to me????

It's my favourite Bobbin Shuttle who did the crime. Nevermind, I already punish it with a moment of curfew in the box so dont worry.
But it's still gonna be my favourite tatting shuttle.
Yes..this is what I use to tat.. and it is called a shuttle..
I dont know why it is called so..I know you will imagine sth like a real shuttle..the NASA Columbia shuttle. Oooppssssss!
but it's quite logical to compare this tatting shuttle to my unfortunate incident last night..because i learn that 'failure is not an option'.

Do you know why it is my favourite?
It is different from the normal tatting shuttle because it has the bobbin in it which is removable..which is more convinient when I have to tat using different colours of yarn.

Can you see the hook there? It was just genious to invent something like that to the shuttle right?.It helps a lot when I'm applying the miniature beads to the tatted earrings. But sometimes it is rather irritating when the hook got stucked to the very delicate cotton yarn and spoil them.
Well in fact the hook which made me had that scar! hurts a lot when I was washing the
dishes today..'s not gonna stop me from making more earrings.Again.. FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!

 See..I told you..failure is not an option..just a choice(erk????)

And yessss.. this is the usual ones..the normal tatting shuttle. I love this type as well is Clover.but Hey Hey Hey..I didnt get my screen name from this so dont get me wrong. Just a coincidence.
It is tiny, easy to handle when I only use one colour of the yarn when I tat.Furthermore, it could role more yarn than the bobbin shuttle do! So basically every type of tatting shuttle has its own specialties.

But wait... this isn't mean that I'm not producing more tatted fact I'm trying to be a SUPER-DUPER PROLIFIC TATTER! Its just that I want to share with you what I like to do during my leisure time besides tatting..because I'm not a machine! lol

Ok..I think this nagging session already help me to loose about 0.1 grams of cholesterol and 10000kwatt of stressfulness now..(wwwhat?)


Gina said...

Many people "neuter" their Aero's by cutting that end off. It's meant to hold the bobbin when you wind it but lots of people wind on their sewing machine instead and you can always find something to stick the bobbin on. Once you cut it off, you'll need to sand it so that it will be smooth instead of rough.

Clovers are my favorite kind of shuttle for tatting. I never know which thread I'm going to tat with so it would be useless for me to have dozens of bobbins wound and with my thread stash, it would take a few hundred!

Luqman Safwan C.M Fauzi said...

wow..there's a foreigner who're interested in your work..boleh dah jual ni..haha

Haziq Asyraf Hamidi said...
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Katherinne McKay said...

Congrats on the new whistle! I've been trying to learn how to play for years (off and on) and it is a joy to play!

Clovers are my favorite shuttle by far, though I have plenty of American shuttles like yours! Mine aren't as nice and shiny, though, and get worn out extremely quickly..

glover said...


Hi there!
OMG I just so thrilled when i got to know that you're the Tatting Goddess!My mom is a big fan of you.oh..and she also send you her regards!

You got me almost heart attacked! cutting off the Aero? Its a new info to me.And yet I am pleased and happy to get extra info from you.I'm a new tatter and always looking forward to learn more especially from a well-experienced person like you.
Thanks a lot!
And yea i do agree with you that the Clover ones are sweethearts too!

glover said...

@ Luqman

Yea..a good start i guess!

glover said...


well..maybe i could start up a blog about Tin Whistle?..
What about 'Bed Time Story From The Self Taught Tin Whistler' as the header?
not bad huh?XD

glover said...
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gadgetty08 said...

Music and crafts can certainly bring different cultures closer together.

glover said...

@Katherinne McKay

Thank you! It's really nice of you.. =D
It is..I feel good whenever I'm 'whistling'. Since you've been at it for years, you must be really good at it!
Now I can see why Clovers is taking a place amongst the tatters' hearts. Actually I like Clovers too! Especially when I tat non-beaded earrings.

I guess it's your tatting experience and mastery which has caused your Aeros to be quickly worn out :=)

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