Thursday, May 20, 2010


When I was tatting last night, while imagining a heart-shaped tatted earring after a very rough sketch, I got half of the heart-shaped a little bit too large for an earring.It's gonna be a very bizarre big one if I completed the earring.  

So I decided to make some twists and turns..still figuring what design should I make, because when I already starts to tat and make stupid mistakes I dont simply cut off the yarn and start a new one..because I just dont have the guts to insert all the beads into the yarn again.Tedious as it might not seems!

and so I decided to make something traditional..something that everybody gonna like forever..something evergreen..haha. It's the Paisley shape that piercing my mind all of a sudden last night!

The colour is actually darker than as you can see from here..this looks kinda a little bit dull I'm afraid.
 and I decided to call it as....


So how is it? Am I succeeded in making an imposter Paisley..Well..why dont you take a close up picture?

The black cloth looks great either! dont you agree with me? So is the earring close to the Paisley prints on my sweater?If it is..then give me five!

I think I made it..Hmm..but I think the earring cant go with my sweater..the colour just dont blends together..

But still I was thinking whether I could make a better tatted Paisley earring, I think it should be more curvy..but anyway it does look like a teardrop isn't it? but teardrop is also a way to describe a I think I'm gonna stick calling it a Paisley..haha

I believe that Paisley has its own many fans in spite of its unique pattern and also its unique influence from various cultures. Printed on a various spectrum of goodies too like shawls, clothes, bags, table mats, ties and almost everything!You know what, I even ended up googling on this thing just now because I cant keep being amazed what makes it so interesting! and my guess whether this pattern originates from India is correct! but it is also said that there is also Persian influence..and the history prevails more and more as I read them..very interesting indeed! 

Cant help laughing out loud when I was blog walking long ago that I found out the blogger who really fonds the Paisley..compares it to the Paramecium...HAHA..but's quite similar...

I'm happy to say that I think this Paisley tatted earring  is my favourite so far! It's darn stunning and I'm certain that this tatted earring would suit almost everybody..I love it and you should trust me because I'm the credits to the beauty of Paisley..and not to mention..the beauty of tatting!



Luqman Safwan C.M Fauzi said...

that's a weird one..

glover said...

what do you is supposed to be a heart-shape!..haha

izzah amirah said...

but the purple one is gorgeous!!nak satu!!

Luqman Safwan C.M Fauzi said...

heart-shape? but it really look like paramecium despite the similar name...mwahahaha!

glover said...


You like this one too! haha
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glover said...


yea because at first I thought of making the lovey dovey thingy..haha
The Paramecium part is really hilarious..

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looking so pretty :)

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