Monday, May 17, 2010


Just finished tatting these gorgeous couplet piece of  'hookers' yesterday.

At first, when I took a look at it whether it is qualified to be here or not..I thought it looked slightly retarded.
But somehow when I took a second look today after showed it to mom..I was then convinced.Even more when she said the design is unique, mainly based on the combination of colour that I chose.Its just perfect for parties!


Although this is based on simple design, the type and colour of the bead and also the yarn colour make it looks rather stylish and versatile.What do you think?


the see-through beads are just darls..
Can you see the ring where I put the hook? When I was about to finish I realise it is actually would be more dramatic if I elongate both chains which is nearest to the ring so that it will look longer..and definitely..less retarded.

Honestly, I kinda hate the brown coloured yarn..because when I make a large ring, I found it very hard for me to close the ring.Sometimes I just feel like applying grease or something at the ring so that I'll never have to face the problem anymore(lol).I almost gave up when I kept breaking the yarn whilst pulling the was four times I think. As usual, what I did,  is just take a break long enough to loose the 'tension' in my mind, and started all over again.

That's why whenever I choose any yarn for tatting, I'll try very hard not to use the acrylic yarn. I'll rather tat the more expensive one..which is cotton.But certain cotton yarns are also very hard to work on..for eg in this case, the brown yarn.

I dont know for sure but I'm not the one who likes to make some 'practices' before started making earrings.You know, like trying the designs out.To me, its just wasting my time, yarn, beads,money(of course) and energy.And actually most of my tatted earrings are all, spontaneously made or at least, are tatted based on a rough design.Not to mention most of the time it comes out to become so 'alienated' from the design I planned.Maybe I have to start organise myself on this thing. I know you must be saying 'no wonder all her designs are like...weird'..if you're gonna say ugly go ahead..then I will have a reason to kill you! haha no I'm just kidding...but seriously. =P

I cant believe I'm confessing this but whatever it is I'm happy to say that I'm the most crazy...lunatic...phsycotic...what more...outa mind FRIES addict mania!
If this is not enough to prove that I described..I think the alibis below would prove it well.

-Just give me a whole pack of 1kg of fries, it will be all gone soon in one day.
-I hardly got 'enough' with the taste..I can eat it at least thrice a day.

more alibis?
In life, change is constant.The same principal lays on my madness.A few days ago, I made some changes.Here it is.


I served it on the lovely plate, Corelle. It meant quite something to me. Bought the whole set when I was in Houston, Texas for a science Olympiad there last year. Corelle designs are rather simple..aren't they?

Back to the story, instead of the cliche fries, I started making potato chips. The reason is simple, crunchy but at the same time soft.

For this scrumptuous plate of chips, I used 4 potatoes. A lot isn't it? It was supposed to be 5, but there's one potato which seemed to be over you know that over riped fruits are not good for the stomache? Although potato is not a fruit, but the rule applies on it too!

During this experimental work, I also realise that I dont feel as full as if compared to when I eat french fries of the same number of potatoes that I used...


the reason is, basically..Home Science..the chips are smaller in size, therefore the total surface area is much more exposed to the oil during frying, so more carbohydrate are to be broken down..
So does it mean that it is healthier to eat this way? Rather than the fries??Hmm..anyway, its a very bad habit when you have been eating this almost everyday! But I just cant resist it! and in fact nobody ever stops me!

This earring is on its way..will be called a tatted earring soon.I'm still wondering how will it turn out to be.
For a first prophecy, it would be BEADIFULL!



BeadweaverDeb said...

I Love them!

izzah amirah said...

madi..i love them too!!did u make them by urself??like like n like!!!

Luqman Safwan C.M Fauzi said...


glover said...

@BeadweaverDeb: thanks!

glover said...


Glad you love them!
You cant believe I make it myself?believe it..haha
I like like n like your comment!

glover said...


lolz. afraid I idea how to stop this bad habit of mine.The potato people rocks..haha

izzah amirah said...

haha..u are very talented!!! hmm malangnya my ears pon tak im gonna wear it..
i wish i can have one!!

hoop earring said...

wao..superb design. looking so awesome.

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