Friday, March 19, 2010


TATTING RESURRECTION?-Dont u wanna know what the heck is these..tatting and..resurrection do in my blog?

well well well

May i start with 'tatting' first?..thank you =B
tatting is actually a blablabla...(booooooriiiiiing)-i knew it you're gonna say that.
To be frank i'll suggest that you go and find it's just going to be the same thing(oh..did i just say that?)LOL

In short, tatting is a handcraft technique used usually to make the old times,note the old times,but now,creative people had make it as a wider spectrum as they could(including me).The history of tatting to when it has started is quite vague but evidence has shown that it has been started since the 19th century.But some believe that people had started doing tatting since 200 years ago!So IT IS CLASSIC!!


To be honest i just ought to learn this vocab months ago,when i watched SHERLOCK HOLMES!
Actually i am quite a 'missionary at heart'(lol)to make TATTING to become popular in today's cutting edge.i hope it could be more famous than i am(haha..not funny).To be true, it is not as popular as knitting..or crochet..(do you actually know bout this either?hahaa), but it has it's special natural magical unimaginable art which other handcrafts do not own and do not as well leave an impression that tatting could.
So i think maybe you yourself could start doing tatting in your leisure time! it's very addicting!TRUST ME!
But hell yeah i'm not gonna teach you how to tat in this blog..for now..only God knows..hahha..but you might as well pray for it.

As i had mentioned above...tatting is such a classic,vintage art..but as the era evolves..tatting evolves too!!!!!!!
Its just not going to be lace
Its just anything you can imagine!
And as for me, i'm in a progress to make a make designs ...for TATTED EARRINGS and also to SELL it this blog!

Here, I'll gonna be promoting gorgeous tatted earrings which i made and design myself.
These tatted earrings i swear you cant find stuff like that out there..machines cant do complicated designs like my hand do(lol).  


In these few days, i'm going to start publishing my exclusive self-designed tatted earrings, 5 DESIGNS EVERY WEEK! So none of you will get the same design.So first come first serve! 

Its just anytime now i'm going to publish the 5 first and new designs...SO WATCH OUT!
The details on HOW ARE YOU GOING TO PAY,.. n such are going to be included with the coming posts.So NO WORRIES!

So here it comes!   


Be patience dear customers-to-be..till the next post!


D@rShy -V- said...

i most certainly love the way you blog. its very interesting and catchy.. Anyway, it does sound rather interesting and i really do hope that this lil business would be fruitful for you. all the best dearie!

Anonymous said...

I have fed your fishes. all of them look really hungry.. mwahahahaha3. By the way, it is your own handcrafts? If the answer is yes, you are surprising me. i wish you all the best in the future. Wish me too so that i can further studies in overseas. -your classmate-

glover said...


I'm so really2 glad that you like it.yea..seriously i'm obviously excited with my new blog.Your support is truly much appreciated.I'm looking forward hoping that every posts are successful.THANKS!!!

glover said...


Hi anonymous..or CLASSMATE?wonder who you are.
Anyway thanks for feeding my aquatic they'll do a positive growth.
OF COURSE I'M SURPRISING YOU!haha..yes,it is a 100% using my own ugly hands..i hope you'll succeed in life wherever you are.and THANKS~

Haziq Asyraf Hamidi said...

I wondering that you wearing clothes full of beads.. huhu.. btw, interesting blog. all the best

glover said...


haha..then i'll sparkle from far!
thanks my classmate~you too!
p/s:thanks for your help =)

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